Sandoz3D TPU (Flexible)

Sandoz3D TPU (Flexible)

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Sandoz3D TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a flexible filament that is used to print soft, pliable, bendable, chemical resistant, temperature resistant items.  Sandoz3D TPU comes in a range of extremely bright colors.  Often used to print phone cases, vibration isolation and dampening solutions and fun bendy and squishy toys.

Diameter:1.75 mm ± 0.03 mm
Shore Hardness: 95A
Print Temperature:
190 - 230°C
Hot Bed Temperature:
Print Speed: 
Depends on your printer but may need to be slower than PLA profile
Filament Weight:
1 kg
Extruder Type: Direct Drive Recommended
Fan: Yes - Medium to Full Strength

**Notes from Sandoz about Sandoz3D TPU is fairly easy to print.  A direct drive extruder is recommended, but with come calibrating and fiddling a bowden tube setup could be used.  I use my PLA profile slowed down by about 20%.  You will need to test your printer to find the ideal speeds.  I have read that you might need to print as slow as 30mm/s but I have not found this to be the case.

Some of the properties of TPU include:

  • high abrasion resistance
  • low-temperature performance
  • high shear strength
  • high elasticity
  • oil and grease resistance

 Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU is referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. All these properties and compound versatility makes TPU widely used in many industries for coatings, components and customer goods.